Aranna Gato Traveling Hermitage


The name is pali and means "gone in nature", a standard phrase used to describe how a monk starts to meditate.

We are a hermitage without property, we rely on people's generosity for a place to sleep and roam (preferably outdoors), food and other living necessities like clothing and basic camping gear.


You can support us with food, clothing and medicine by donating to:

Other things we need

Henrik broke a tooth this fall, and needs to get an implant.
We are close to the Mexican border at the moment, and we need to raise $2000 $875 for a new tooth [please donate above]
Check out out amazon wishlist for more basic stuff we need Amazon wishlist

Much Anumodana

Thank you Elaine for the tooth contribution!

Karen, I really apreciate your donation for the tooth.

Very much Anumodana to the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha for the awesome backpack!

2 X Thank you Ioan and Ireen!

Big ups to Rich for getting me closer to the tooth!

Ian AGAIN, I really appreciate the money towards a new tooth!

Thanks the contribution twoards warmer clothes Austin!

Thanks for the donation Jake!

Thank you Julie for the socks!

2 x Thanks to Carl-Hugo for contributing to a new tooth!

Massive thanks to Lili for sponsoring a phone subscription for Henrik!

Dharma Treasure is offering me food while in Arizona! Much Thank you!

Upcoming events

Getting to Eight

One thing is getting started meditating. Another thing is progressing on the path, and becoming an effective meditator.

This online workshop offers a set of tools, including field-tested techniques and heuristics to help you understand where you are at, and what to do next.

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Nomad Retreat

People have been wandering the earth for thousands of years, often in groups, relying on each other for protection, support and belonging. This retreat is designed to reconnect people to the primal activity of moving through a landscape with a group of fellow travelers. Sign up now

Come visit

The hermitage is accepting guests, come visit us! We are currently in a mountain range in Southern Arizona. Send us on email on [email protected]

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