Aranna Gato Traveling Hermitage


The name is pali and means "gone in nature", a standard phrase used to describe how a monk starts to meditate.

We are a hermitage without property, we rely on people's generosity for a place to sleep and roam (preferably outdoors), food and other living necessities like clothing and basic camping gear.



Euna is a genderqueer, multicultural renunciate who has dedicated their life to the teachings of Buddhism. Full-time practitioner exploring a new route that is diverse, inclusive, and fun. Enthusiastic about Theravadin ascetic training and Metta (loving-kindness) meditation.



Thomas (Tom) Kennedy is an Australian and spends 6 months of each year at Dharma Treasure in Arizona, in a teaching and retreat support role. Tom’s food and accommodation are covered by the centre, but not travel expenses to and from the USA. You will be supporting Tom’s return visits to Dharma Treasure to assist retreatants by donating.


We recommend using Wise to deposit funds in any currency - your contribution will be converted automatically into US or Australian dollars. Wise charges a flat fee. If you prefer to buy useful things for Tom, here is his Amazon wishlist. You can choose whether to have items delivered to Australia or the USA.
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Henrik is a cave yogi, wanderer and mind explorer interested in pre secterian Buddhism and samadhi practices and is a certified TMI/ Mind Illuminated instructor. Henrik was personally trained and instructed by Culadasa at Dharma Treasure.


Upcoming events

Feb 3rd - Getting to Eight

This workshop offers a set of tools, including field-tested techniques and heuristics to help you understand where you are at, and what to do next. You will also have access to group coaching, to help you navigate stage four to eight described in The Mind Illuminated or the Elephant Path.

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March 14th - Four

There are known maps for how meditation can unfold, and these maps can offer important guideposts and directions to support your practice. One of these maps is based on the Elephant Path and laid out as 10 stages in The Mind Illuminated. Stage 4 is a challenging and inspiring phase of practice. Both past conditioning and experiences can arise as well as an opening into great creativity and new ideas. Sign up now

March 8th - Queer Viahara

The Queer Vihara Retreat is a deep dive into the Buddhist practice of Brahma Vihara Bhavana (Divine Abodes Meditation) for the LGBTQIA+ community. The retreat is led by Euna Bonovich Sign up now

Oct 11th - The Mind Illuminated Retreat

Deepen your practice and knowledge of the 10-stage model of meditation described in The Mind Illuminated.Sign up now

Much Anumodana

Thank you so much Farshid for paying for the rest of my dental bill!

Thank you Mariam for the donation!

Michael Taft, thank you for the tooth contribution!

Thanks for dana for twoards the tooth Stuart!

Bi, thank you for the jacket and the pants!

Thanks for the dana Clay!

Lukas, thank you for the Dana!

Thank you Elaine for the tooth contribution!

Karen, I really apreciate your donation for the tooth.

Very much Anumodana to the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha for the awesome backpack!

2 X Thank you Ioan and Ireen!

Big ups to Rich for getting me closer to the tooth!

Ian AGAIN, I really appreciate the money towards a new tooth!

Thanks the contribution twoards warmer clothes Austin!

Thanks for the donation Jake!

Thank you Julie for the socks!

2 x Thanks to Carl-Hugo for contributing to a new tooth!

Massive thanks to Lili for sponsoring a phone subscription for Henrik!

Dharma Treasure is offering me food while in Arizona! Much Thank you!

Come visit

The hermitage is accepting guests, come visit us! We are currently in a mountain range in Southern Arizona. Send us on email on [email protected]